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When one of my dogs started to have health problems at the age of six, I got pretty serious about dog health issues. TV has become boring for me, and so I try to spend most of my free time researching how to improve the length of my dogs lives.

For the ones that are familiar with my work and opinions, you will already know that I feel that commercial dog food is one of the main cause of health problems. I have made it my purpose in life to educate people about the best dog food and strongly recommend homeade dog food.

In actuality, the majority of people will need to provide supplemental commercial food in addition to the homeade diet. This is the reason I take a lot of time with the best dog food topic.

There is much debate about the addition of meat by-products as well as some other controversial ingredients. This could be listed as chicken, poultry, beef or just about any type of meat followed with the word by-product.

What does it contain and is it any good for your pet? If you really get into this matter, you will discover there are two different groups, one the feels that by-products are just fine, and the other that feels that they are unhealthy to feed your dog.

This is not the case and it really depends on how by-products, such as chicken, are defined.

"Poultry derivatives contain mashed up, renderings, clean portions of murdered poultry cadavers, such as necks, beak, feet, unhatched eggs and intestines, leaving out feathers, "except in various amounts that might happen by accident in normal processing"The trouble is you are not aware of the ingredients all the time. Currently, no standard exists that specifies how many feet, quantity of intestines or makeup of nutritional content. The truth is none of this stuff is fit for human consumption.

There are some who will make the argument that because some of the by-product ingredients are what the dog would actually eat in the wild, they are fine for them to eat in a dog food. Even if this is the case it is tantamount to saying that because homeless people eat out of garbage cans, dumpster food is great for everyone else, too.

I want my dog eating the best food and getting the maximum amount of nutrition, that why I won't even consider by-products.

Leslie has devoted a big part of her life researching commercial dog food looking for the best dog food for her dogs. her top ten list points out how to select the best dog food brands.

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